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-+[Lonely Bard Lyrical]+- -+[Lonely Bard Lyrical]+-

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Once I've found randomly this song and downloaded it immediately, because really loved it and made me cry. But then, I've lost it, and after some time wanted to find it again, but couldn't, because I couldn't even remember the name of it! But every day I tried to revive my memory, then melody appeared in my head, and 1 line of the lyrics. And I was so happy when I found it, because it was so much time! Added to favs now for not losing it again. Thank you for such an amazing piece!

LadyArsenic responds:

What a story!
I know I hate it when I can't remember a good song and don't know where or how to find it again. I'm so happy that I could touch you with my music. Thank you so much for listening and leaving me a lovely story! <3

[V] - Miasma [V] - Miasma

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is fantastic! I absolutely love it, my body got the shivers! Also chorus is so fitting in this piece, it makes the music more unique. Keep going!